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Hi, I am

Camila Pires

A generalist graphic designer with over 6 years of experience and a keen enthusiasm for knowledge, continuous learning and making things happen.

Now, I’ll share a bit of my journey with you!



I see your future...

An illustration of a crystal ball with a photo of me (Camila) inside: a white woman with a round face, glasses and a peaceful smile next to a lake, with locks of hair flying. I'm very beautiful. "

I see in your path a versatile graphic designer, with a lot of experiences across many fields. Well versed in Graphic, Web, Brand and Marketing Design and much more.  Loved by clients, managers and colleagues alike for being agile, reliable and super fun… Me!


Know my Deeds

Working with agencies, companies and freelancing, I have gathered knowledge to oversee projects from beginning to end.

An image of branding collaterals for Cactus Energy, a energetic efficiency consulting. The materials bring a lot of green and beige.

Cactus Energia

Brand Identity
Web Design
Presentation Design

Cactus Energia is a consultancy specialized in energy efficiency that tripled their organic lead generation with a distinctive brand identity, assertive copy and a professional website.

A set of business cards and a pen on a wooden table, showcasing brand design.


Brand Identity
Web Design

Proxit is a small IT company with the goal of making IT more accessible and user-friendly. The creation of the new brand provided Proxit with the professional image required to secure new and significant business opportunities.


Visual Identity

LNDC is a laboratory that conducts research and provides non-destructive testing services, material characterization, corrosion and welding services to solve problems in various industrial sectors and needed to unify its communication to better represent a federal engineering institution.


Logo Design
Web Design

TellCorp is a small company specializing in secure Telecommunications and Information Technology solutions that have discovered the secret to attracting more deals through an attractive website with clear information.


The Magic I can Do

From Branding to Printing, I use all my skills to deliver relevant and impactful graphic assets for companies, agencies, corporations and entrepreneurs, with attention to detail and an obsessive commitment to deadlines.

Graphic Design

Familiar with the most used Design tools, I can create magazines, signs, posters, social media posts and mostly anything a brand need to communicate.

Web Design

Web Designing is one of my favorite things, and I’ve learned how to take an website idea and transform it into a low-code live experience, using mostly WordPress, Elementor and Webflow.

Marketing Design

Within Marketing teams, I’ve learn to understand the impact of design to convertion, how can we grab people’s attentions and boost clients’ and employers’ sales.


People Under my Spell


I have the Perfect Solution for You...

An illustration of a magic potion, slightly open, with a turquoise liquid and several sparks coming out of it.

Which is me.

I am certain we can acomplish many things together!


Frequent Asked Questions

I currently live in Curitiba, Paraná – Brazil. And I don’t intend to leave.

I’m currently working @HeroSpark, a SaaS startup that provides a platform so experts can sell their digital products. It has over 300k clients and have impacted +12 million people.

I also freelance as a Web Designer to The Copper Portico, a branding agency in Miami with tailored solutions for companies and entrepreneurs.

And I do freelance in my Studio, Mana Pot Design, proving companies and entrepreneurs to communicate their purpose and make a difference in their industry.

I usually work on Brazilian Time, from 9 am to 6 pm.

However, I work better with task deadlines to keep my life flexible and work at a time that would be best for me.

I wouldn’t mind working in different time zones, since I can save a few daylight hours and enjoy Brazil during standard business hours. 😀

Yes. I have a higher education degree in Graphic Design recognized by our Federal Government.

I also have a specialization in Communication and Digital Design from one of the most renowned private institutions.

I’ve worked for marketing agencies, branding agencies; as a freelancer, I’ve provided services for entrepreneurs and corporate businesses. And now I also have experience with SaaS startups.

I, personally, prefer more stable work. Although I’m always freelancing, my schedule usually has very little space, which I reserve for challenging projects and opportunities to bring something new to my career.

Do you still have a question?