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Embark on a transformative journey in brand innovation with the Proxit case study. This narrative, guided by myself, unravels the intricacies of reshaping the identity of a emergent IT company in Rio de Janeiro. Discover how strategic choices in branding, naming, and design propelled Proxit into a new realm of recognition and success.


Project Overview

The Briefing

Victor, the visionary entrepreneur, sought to differentiate his IT company in a market saturated with uniformity. The Rio de Janeiro IT industry’s minimal investment in branding and design presented an opportunity for Victor to pioneer change.

The objective was clear: project professionalism while standing out as a unique and approachable service provider. We aimed for a vibe that would set Victor apart, making clients instantly recognize the difference.

The Challenge

Victor, not yet seeing himself as a business owner, engaged in profound discussions about the briefing and branding, marking a stage of self-discovery.

So availability, competitor analysis, impact assessment, and logical step establishment were needed to guide Victor through the transformation without overreaching.


Objectives and Strategy

Branding Strategy

Position Victor and Proxit as a reliable, quality-focused option in the RJ IT market. Victor’s commitment to meticulous work became a core element of the strategy.


Proxit, a blend of ‘Proxy’ and ‘IT,’ was chosen for its simplicity, relevance to the business, and the idea of fostering proximity. In portuguese, “Próximo” is a word that means “close to”.


Crafting an objective, simple, and differentiated brand that communicates tranquility, dynamism, and the proximity between people and technology. The brand embodies objectives of being close and stable.


The website became a digital gateway, conveying professionalism, service offerings, and providing a direct channel for client engagement.


Achievements and Impact


Who Waved the Wand


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