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Embark on a journey through the LNDC brand identity project, where innovation converges with scientific excellence, an engineering laboratory, part of Rio de Janeiro Federal University’s scientific complex.

The laboratory’s mission transcends conventional boundaries, aiming to tackle complex challenges with a high degree of confidence and provide solutions that redefine industry standards. As you delve into the LNDC project, discover a commitment to excellence, modernity, and innovation that positions it as a pioneering force in the realm of research and development, particularly in the realm of inspection challenges where traditional markets fall short.


Project Overview

The Briefing

LNDC envisions becoming an international reference in scientific research and innovative tool development within the next five years. This endeavor necessitates a cohesive visual language that communicates LNDC’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and technological advancement. The lack of standardized promotional materials currently hinders LNDC’s image, and a uniform design strategy is deemed crucial to portraying the laboratory’s high-level educational institution status while emphasizing its cutting-edge technological innovations.

The Challenge

In addition to the traditional bureaucracy of public institutions related to financing and processes hindering the execution and implementation of key communication points of the project, the major challenge was to bring visual communication that conveyed excellence and professionalism, while highlighting the creative, disruptive, and innovative aspect of the laboratory. This is not a common concept in the local engineering field.

The other part involved extracting abstract ideas such as values, attributes, and visual brand concepts from a group of scientists.

And, lastly, the logo couldn’t be altered, so somehow, the old logo needed to have some connection with the new visual identity.


Objectives and Strategy


To address the first objective, the design strategy involves creating visually engaging content that communicates LNDC’s diverse service portfolio. Clear and modern visuals, infused with infographics, would simplify complex technicalities and emphasize practical applications to make them accessible to a broad audience.


The chosen color palette is a blend of excelence and vibrancy. Graphite azured and coral red convey seriousness and dynamism, while off-white adds an elegant touch. Neon blue and green bring a modern luminosity, symbolizing LNDC’s commitment to cutting-edge technology, inspired in the heatmaps that are core to many of their processes.


The typography plays a crucial role in conveying LNDC’s character. Unbounded, with its modern and expanded design, adds a touch of innovation for titles. DM Sans, a clean and reliable sans-serif, enhances readability for paragraphs, emphasizing precision and clarity.


The chosen elements incorporate symbols of scientific advancement, precision and brilliance. Imagery includes symbols of non-destructive testing, corrosion, and welding, aligning with LNDC’s core areas of expertise. These elements not only serve as visual identifiers but also communicate the laboratory’s commitment to groundbreaking research and technological advancement.


Achievements and Impact


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