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I’m graduated in Graphic Design with a Communication & Digital Design specialization, but I’ve learn everything I could from brand design to web design, marketing, and even a touch of motion and video editing, guided my supreme skill: Google search.

My technological adaptation is evident in the confidence with which I use tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, and even Artificial Intelligence to optimize my work. This generalist approach allows me to navigate projects with comprehensive knowledge while keeping a keen eye on details.

My personality is a blend of diligence, good humor, and moderation, ready to bring innovation and creativity to your visual projects.

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Been there, Done That

I’ve had an intense journey in the last years, gathering experiences, meeting people, learning new things. And these are the places that helped me achieve all this.

Logo HeroSpark

Graphic Designer @HeroSpark

At HeroSpark I am in the Marketing Team, although being the sole graphic designer in the company, I'm responsible for providing visual assets to all the teams, keeping brand consistency and ensure a high quality deliverable.

Sep, 2022 - Currently

Web Designer @The Copper Portico

At The Copper Portico I am the Web Designer responsible to bring brand strategies to live creating clear, beautiful and optimal websites, and also supporting the clients with domain, hosting and e-mail setups. I also troubleshoot websites and plugins to keep everything working.

Mar, 2021 - Currently

Web Designer and Graphic Designer @Prana Digital Agency

At Prana, I was responsible for creating brand identities, landing pages, ads and visual assets to boost convertion rates for experts and help them sell their digital products. It was a highly data and performance oriented role.

Mar, 2021 - Currently

Creative Entrepreneur @Mana Pot Design

At my Studio, I solely provide a wide range of services for entrepreneurs and companies, like Branding, Brand Design, Web Design, Copywriting, Presentations and anything they need to better communicate their businesses and achieve successful goals.

Mar, 2021 - Currently


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since 2016.


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Special Galleries

An outdoor mockup for an corporate event called Deliver High Value, with white background, red graphic illustrations and a black and white picture of a smiling young man holding a clipboard.

tesa® Gallery

An image of a lightning bold with three black and white pictures of three people inside: a black woman with a confident expression and hair up high; a man with sunglasses and an a leather jacket looking at his cellphone and a senior man in formal suit. Half of the image is dark grey with a HeroSpark logo and the website address below: www.herospark.com. The left side is covered by a vibrant pink and purple gradient, with the words: "Learn how to make real money on the internet - in various ways and without complications."

HeroSpark Gallery


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Frequent Asked Questions

I currently live in Curitiba, Paraná – Brazil. And I don’t intend to leave.

I’m currently working @HeroSpark, a SaaS startup that provides a platform so experts can sell their digital products. It has over 300k clients and have impacted +12 million people.

I also freelance as a Web Designer to The Copper Portico, a branding agency in Miami with tailored solutions for companies and entrepreneurs.

And I do freelance in my Studio, Mana Pot Design, proving companies and entrepreneurs to communicate their purpose and make a difference in their industry.

I usually work on Brazilian Time, from 9 am to 6 pm.

However, I work better with task deadlines to keep my life flexible and work at a time that would be best for me.

I wouldn’t mind working in different time zones, since I can save a few daylight hours and enjoy Brazil during standard business hours. 😀

Yes. I have a higher education degree in Graphic Design recognized by our Federal Government.

I also have a specialization in Communication and Digital Design from one of the most renowned private institutions.

I’ve worked for marketing agencies, branding agencies; as a freelancer, I’ve provided services for entrepreneurs and corporate businesses. And now I also have experience with SaaS startups.

I, personally, prefer more stable work. Although I’m always freelancing, my schedule usually has very little space, which I reserve for challenging projects and opportunities to bring something new to my career.

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