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Adhesive solutions for industrial markets.


tesa Brazil is a branch of tesa®, a large multinational specializing in adhesive solutions for the industry.

Our relationship began in 2022 when I was approached to create some corporate communications led by the HR and Employer Branding team.

Since then, I have collaborated on dozens of projects in different areas of the company, under the leadership of other departments.

Most of the projects involve corporate presentations (under NDA), logos, corporate events visual identity giveaways.


leadership Summit

Accelerating Growth

More than 70 leaders from across Latin America gathered to discuss the organization’s paths for the next year. Receiving guidance from the headquarters in Germany, represented by the global CEO who came to Brazil specifically for the event, topics such as sustainable growth, management guidelines, team leadership, innovation, agile culture, and product and service development were discussed.


To redo the inicial identity for the event in a way that the visual identity aimed to be impactful and futuristic, portraying Rio de Janeiro beyond the traditional associations of samba and festivities. Despite the brand guide’s clean and rigid nature, it was intentionally minimized to maximize the impact of the event.

  • Power Point templates and editions;
  • Microwebsite with all the event navigation;
  • Corporate giveaways;
  • Communication materials (banners, tags, screens).

The primary challenge was the tight deadline, with budget approval and deliverable confirmation just one week prior. 

Over 300 slides needed to be edited and animated during the week, and a website was proposed to expedite information dissemination and reduce the need for printed materials.

Despite the challenges, the event was a success, and my full support ensured that urgent needs were promptly addressed.



Achievements and Impact

The communication materials not only enabled the group to feel more connected to the location hosting the team but also brought everyone into the focus of the discussions.


PGM 2022

Deliver High Value

The event was a for tesa Latin America sales teams and about delivering high-quality results. Moments to celebrate the team’s greatest achievements, moments to encourage them, and moments for reflection. 


The goal of this masterpiece was to have a material that visually defined the event’s identity for an unknown number os collaterals by then. It was important to bring images of groups, predominantly male, in celebratory, joyful, and festive settings, but also in corporate environments, focused, and attending to clients, and there was where the challenge began.

The masterpiece then was to be used by their contractual agency for the creation of the other deliverables.


The initial challenge involved merging the strict brand guidelines with the creative inputs from the team. While the initial design presented didn’t meet their visual expectations (prompting them to engage my services), it was essential to maintain brand coherence. We reached a compromise by creating a design that felt fresh and youthful, yet adhered to the brand’s color palette, typography, and overall cleanliness.


Achievements and Impact

The project was well receive and the creation of the masterpiece with the event logo allowed them to easily replicate and create new assets, providing an upbeat environment with highly sought-after giveaways and engaged employees.

Other Projects

Basically, most of Tesa events revolves around presentations under NDA, and they start with themed masterpieces with logos and backgrounds so it could be replicated in collaterals and giveaways.

You can check some of them bellow.

MercoSul Team Signature

The idea was for to create an identity that identifies the South America team as a cluster. Something that aligned with the global branding but conveyed a local “personality”, showcasing the two countries that are part of it (Brazil and Argentina).

So I brought the colors from the guide, associated with recognized symbols from the 4 poles of the Mercosur tesa cluster: Curitiba (Araucaria), São Paulo (Cable-Stayed Bridge), Manaus (Tropical leaf), and Argentina (the Sun in the flag).

A Great Journey

It was an event that kicked off the year for the teams. We presented the results of 2022 and projected actions for 2023. The idea was to create a visual identity for the event so that we could use it in digital pieces (mainly presentations, but we would also have other developments, such as the background for the slides, and probably, a welcome kit and online meeting overlays). The concept was to convey that the year would be a magical journey. And we needed to make some connection with tesa’s value “achieve & improve.”

tesa Value Chain

It is an award that will identify and recognize the best practices and initiatives of tesa’s logistics operators. For this, a logo was created that could be embedded in communication materials such as emails, the website, presentations, and the award itself. Everything should follow tesa’s brand guidelines.


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