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HeroSpark is a platform for selling digital products, such as online courses, e-books, and mentorships. It provides tools for all stages of product creation and sales, from landing pages templates to payment processing.

Our relationship began in 2022 when I joined the design team as a contractor for the design team, assigned to the inbound marketing team.

My work at HeroSpark encompass everything, as I am the sole designer to support the company goals beside the product designers, including product launch campaigns, visual identity for brands and events, landing pages, social media and so on.


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Marketing Automation for Creators

An application that has generated over hundreds of digital products in a few months. Users input their solution and the designated target audience to receive a complete launching plan: product title, pricing suggestions, and a comprehensive structure for creation. Hero Creator was designed in response to the growing demand for Artificial Intelligence tools among HeroSpark’s leads and customers.


Create a visual identity for the product that effectively communicates Hero Creator’s value proposition in a simple and straightforward manner for the tool’s launch, while adhering to the brand guide but with a style that resonates with our audience.

I then introduced the force of universal creation, symbolized by the colorful whirlwind. Cosmic and astronautic motifs are widely associated with the local marketing industry.

  • Design an aesthetically pleasing page for a product with less visual appeal.
  • Create a template focused on conversion.
  • Develop a simple yet powerful design that could be replicated for almost every release.
  • Work with a beta tool without any input on the product’s design, as it started as an MVP


Achievements and Impact

Hero Creator quickly became one of the most successful projects created by HeroSpark’s marketing team, particularly in terms of lead generation. In the first week after launch, the website traffic exceeded the contracted API tokens. The landing page and its visual identity breakdown were the key marketing assets for the campaigns.

Exact numbers are under NDA


Jornada HeroSpark

Rewards to Celebrate Customers’ Success

Idealization & Conception: Leopoldo Vieira

The Journey is an ongoing campaign to celebrate HeroSpark’s clients’ sales achievements. Whenever they reach certain milestones in revenue within the platform, they receive a customized kit, including an exclusive plaque, personalized cards, special gifts, and invitations to exclusive experiences. Some experiences and prizes are only digital, while other items are physical, limited pieces. 


A journey should engage customers to plan and achieve new goals, with each phase offering rewards and new challenges. Therefore, it was important that it be playful and exciting, yet convey the idea of gaming and overcoming obstacles, aligning with the slogan “Playing the reality of digital.

  • Visual concepts of each level of the Journey.
  • Every communication piece for the release, from print to digital.
  • Design of the plaques and cards.
  • Develop the visual identity of the journey based on the concept of an evolutionary process and a map guiding from ground zero to high revenue.
  • Illustrate each level of the journey to communicate the different challenges of each stage – from the simplicity of the initial level to the glamour of millionaire revenue.
  • Create a gameboard with no knowledge of 3D Modeling or Illustration.


Achievements and Impact

The main outcomes of the journey are linked to customer retention and loyalty, as well as the establishment of connections with strategic customers. The presentation of the first 10 million award, for instance, took place at an event attended by key players in the digital marketing industry.

Exact numbers are under NDA


Afiliados Brasil

The Biggest Affiliate Marketing Event in Latin America

Afiliados Brasil is the premier event about affiliate marketing, infoproducts and digital entrepreneurship. It is a yearly congress that brings together bloggers, webmasters, affiliates, companies, agencies and advertisers connected to the digital marketing landscape.


To create the visual identity and all design elements for HeroSpark’s booth at Afiliados Brasil, as well as digital support elements such as presentations and landing pages.

  • Comprehensive visual identity for the booth
  • Supporting communication materials both digital and printing (landing pages, pieces for social media)
  • Layout for an interactive quiz displayed on the stand’s displays. 
  • Tight deadlines for design creation.
  • A considerable volume of diverse items to create.
  • Creation of various models until final approvals of the marketing team.
  • Creating without the details of display resolutions.


Achievements and Impact

HeroSpark was present throughout all days of Afiliados Brasil in 2023. This participation resulted in a significant number of highly qualified leads, ready to be approached by the sales team. These contacts include clients ready for migration from HeroSpark’s direct competitors.

Exact numbers are under NDA


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